10 Hysterical Times When English Failed Hard

English is a puzzling language to most of the new speakers. Even to people who spoke English from day one to some who just started, it’s a daily struggle to form sentences that make sense. No wonder netizens are turning to emojis to express their thoughts.

English is a hugely studied language in the world, that makes it a connecting bridge between people of different countries, even continents. Unless, you are a Tibetan monk or belong to Somalian tribe, you definitely have come across English. Credits to the rise of American power and significance, English has rapidly spread across the planet through albums, movies and literature. However, this definitely doesn’t make it any piece of cake.

Check out some of the English fail moments.


English Language 

Source: shadowwraiths


English Language

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English Language

Source: mattandersonbbc


English Language

Source: just-shower-thoughts


English Language

Source: languagelinguistics


English Language

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English Language

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