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10 Simple Laundry Hacks That’ll Save You Hours Of Pain

6. Evacuate Ink Stains With Hairspray

Source: Acupuncturebrooklyn.com

Jillee at One Good Thing clarifies how the liquor found in both hairspray and hand sanitizer can work as a solid solvent. After soaking the stain with either of these, let it sit for minimum 10 minutes and then toss it into the wash.

7. Compose Directions On The Machines With Dry-Erase Markers

Source: Reallygoodstuff

Whether you are a millennial working 9-5 or your have children who can easily forget the simple steps required to do the task themselves, Parent Hacks clarifies how dry-erase markers are the ideal approach to make everything clear.

8. Un-Shrink Clothes With Conditioner

Source: YouTube/One Good Thing by Jillee

Lindsay from Down by the Bay thought she would need to bid farewell to one of her most loved dresses when it shrank in the dryer. Nonetheless, after absorbing it in lukewarm water and hair conditioner, she was able to stretch it back to its original shape!

Jillee at One Good Thing likewise had the same effective outcomes using baby shampoo to mollify the fabrics.

9. Bubble Lemons To Brighten Dull Whites

Source: food.ndtv.com

Martha Stewart shared this tip for resuscitating grimy white clothes: throw sliced lemons into a pot filled with water and heat to the point of boiling, then turn of the heat and throw your garments in it. Allow them to douse for 60 minutes and after that wash as usual.

10. Include A Tennis Ball While Drying Blankets And Pillows

Source: Tennisballcutter.com

This is another tip from Lifehacker team. Adding a few tennis balls into the dryer with sofas, cushions, and other bedding material won’t just help them stay decent and cushy, it can even help them dry quicker.

Obviously, ensure they’re clean tennis balls.


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